Clean-up Day Approaches!!

It’s time to wake the pool up from its winter slumber and get it ready for another superawesome (yes that is, maybe, a word, go check Websters) summer.

We’ve got a lot of work to do this year, and we need EVERYONE’s help!

The big pool cleanup extravaganza is Saturday May 12th from 10am until…

Mark your calendars!

Come join the fun and help us:

  • Clear bushes, brush, and debris from the edges of the parking lot.
  • Clean and organize the bathhouses.
  • Get the snack bar, storage area, and managers office ready.
  • Do some gardening.
  • Find and fix broken things.
  • Clean and prepare unbroken things.
  • Power wash the chairs and tables.
  • Install new umbrellas
  • And more.

There’s something for everyone. Bring the family (or at least those over 10) and pitch in.

The pool will appreciate your attention!