Friday Theme: Wieners!

OK, so the whole 70’s thing was a bit of a bust last week.  I only saw two appropriately dressed attendees. (And yes, the Greatful Dead shirt you’ve been wearing since that concert in ’77 counts.)

Even the host was not there!

But no worries, for this week’s Friday Night Circle we’re simplifying a bit: wieners.

Yes, bring some wieners, kielbasa, boerewors, italian, hot dog, braunschweiger, siskonmakkara, bratwurst, salsiccia, chorizo, morcilla, mettwurst, llonganissa, cervelat, landjäger, saucisson, rookworst, you name it, as long as it’s sausage.   Cook it up and share with the crowd.

C’mon back to the area by the shed, at the back of the pool, after 5:30.  We’ll have a BBQ set up back there for people to cook on.

As usual all are welcome, and I’m told even Brad Rippetoe will be there.  Don’t know Brad?  Here’s a recent pic:

See you there!

P.S. And no,  absolutely nothing to do with this Weiner: