Friday Night Circle: Taste of the Orient

Ah, the East, a part of the world that can conjure such mystery, such romance, such exoticism!

From the teeming street vendors of Annapolis to the opium dens of Beltsville, there’s something for everyone!  And the food, oh the food!  There’s Bennigan’s in College Park and Applebee’s in Greenbelt…. delectable all.

Wait, FURTHER east you say?

Why yes, I suppose beef from Hunan could be rather nice.  Or satay from Thailand.  And maybe some people do like Vietnamese Pho.  The Japanese do do wonders with raw fish.

All I’m saying is the Outback in Parole serves a lovely seafood mixed grill.

Anyway this weeks theme is “Taste of the Orient”.  Bring some nice from the Far (or near) East.

Friday after 5 up by the shed.