Just a friendly reminder: please do not bring glass containers, or glass of any type, to the pool. (OK, you can keep your eye glasses).
No Glass!
To butcher Winston Churchill: “glass at the pool is something up with which we will not put”!

Obviously broken glass on the grounds has the potential to cause injury, but if it gets in the pool, HOO BOY: we definitely don’t want that to happen!

We would have to shut the pool down, drain all the water, have the pumps and filters professionally cleaned and checked, and then refill the pool. This would put us out of service for at least a week, and would cost several thousand dollars.

So please, please, please: don’t do it!

The lifeguards have been put on alert. The first time they find glass being used they will offer a plastic cup and a friendly warning. But if it keeps happening we may have to institute more drastic measures.