Glenwood Gazette – Volume I, Issue 4

The Glenwood Gazette

Volume I, Issue 4

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  • Message from the President
  • Renovation Update
  • Events Update
  • Grounds Update
  • About Winter Swimming
  • Home Dive Meets Coming in 2004

Message from the President

I am happy to report that we officially broke ground on our new pool and are right
on target to finish all phases of the renovation well in advance on the 2004 season. For
the latest photos of construction (actually, demolition at this point!), as well as some trees
brought down by Hurricane Isabel, please visit:

Stop by the pool and check it out. It’s pretty amazing to see the pool in this
condition. If you have questions on the renovation’s scope and progress in the next
several months, please contact me at

~Bruce Lupin, Board President

Renovation Update

As noted above, ground was officially ‘broken’ on the Phase II new pool
construction project on Monday, September 8. For the latest news and photos in the
coming months, please visit; check back often!

Events Update

On Sunday, August 31, more than 200 Glenwood families said an official good-
bye’ to the old pool during our second annual “End of Summer Bash”. Special thanks to
the Hearn family for taking the lead on this event and to the Schriers, the
Kweder/Coynes, Pool Manager Stacy Gibney, Ed Finn, Dan McNickle (and anyone we
may have inadvertently, but not insincerely, left out!), all of whom played significant
roles in its success.

Next spring, look for our Special Events sign-up form to get involved with one or
more activities on Glenwood’s 2004 Social Calendar. For the latest on Glenwood
Events, visit

Grounds Update

A big THANK YOU to all those who helped us close down the pool and grounds
on September 6, in preparation for the Phase 2 renovation. I especially thank Ed Finn,
Dave Kreischer, Sandy Kweder, Bruce Lupin, Len Rickman and his sons, Don Robinson,
Jesse Zastrow and several members of our dedicated pool staff and lifeguard team,
including Stacey Gibney, Grace Campion, Eileen Durkin, Kevin Finn, Megan Lawn,
Nora Mancino, Brendan McNickle, Stacy Robinson, Rob Stigle and Austin Wolfe (with
apologies to anyone we may have accidentally omitted).

Isabel Damage: During the recent hurricane, Glenwood lost a total of five trees
and now has a number of leaners and hanging limbs. We are fortunate that a dumpster
which had been positioned behind the new pump house prevented a huge tree from
landing on top of it. All trees which would have impeded construction were removed
within 48 hours. We are presently meeting with an insurance adjustor to inventory the
other work needed. Tree removal (with a $500 deductible) is a covered item in our
property insurance.

If you have an idea on how to improve Glenwood’s facilities, please let me know
at tdurkin@NEBFINVEST.ORG.

~Tim “The Grounds Guy” Durkin

About Winter Swimming

Another great Glenwood swim season has come and gone. What a way to spend
the summer! Friends, exercise, sun, water and fun, “personal bests,” and team spirit –
nothing could be better. With fall upon us, many swimmers and parents are thinking
about whether to continue swimming over the winter.

To learn more about opportunities to stay ‘in the water’ this winter, read the
article by Sandy Kweder at

Home Dive Meets Coming in 2004!

The Glenwood Tigers Dive Team is entering a new era, with home meets next
summer for the first time in years. The 2004 Tigers Dive Team hosts Manor Woods next
summer on June 27. Okay, Tiger divers, lets get ready to gainer! For the full 2004 Dive
Team Schedule, visit:

For a complete recap of the 2003 Dive Team Season, visit:


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