Glenwood Gazette – Volume I, Issue 5

The Glenwood Gazette

Volume I, Issue 5

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  • Renovation Update from the President
  • Grounds Update
  • GRC Area Pedestrian Safety, and How You Can Help
  • 2004 Glenwood Tiger Swim Team Schedule

Renovation Update from the President

Over the past few weeks, the old pool has been completely demolished and
removed, the new pool nearly fully excavated and formed. Once a two-foot layer of
bedrock in the new deep end is removed, we’ll be ready to complete the plumbing and
move on with pouring, coping and tiling the new pool. The next components of the
renovation include electrical and plumbing work and the pouring of the concrete decks
around the pool. The last step will be final pool-side lawn installation and landscaping.

I can continue to report that we are right on target to finish all phases of the
renovation well in advance on the 2004 season. You can catch the latest photos of
construction at, and

Stop by the pool and check it out. It’s pretty amazing to see the pool in this
condition. If you have questions on the renovation’s scope and progress in the next
several months, please contact me at

~Bruce Lupin, Board President

Grounds Update

The board has been busy this fall examining a challenge of the new pool’s layout.
The new ‘L’ and the beach entry area will eliminate much of the lawn area previously in
front of the new pump house and snack bar area. As a result, the Grounds Committee has
enlisted the assistance of Glenwood member Jose Chieng, a principal in the architectural
firm HOK, to help us maximize the west and north sides of the grounds surrounding the
pool. In addition, we continue to plan for tree pruning and removal of those trees lost
during Hurricane Isabel in August.

As always, if you have an idea on how to improve Glenwood’s facilities, please
let me know at tdurkin@NEBFINVEST.ORG.

~Tim “The Grounds Guy” Durkin

GRC Area Pedestrian Safety, and How You Can Help

GRC Members David and Susan Cosca have written a letter to Montgomery
County requesting sidewalks along Gardiner Avenue between Churchill and Forest Glen
and stop signs for north and south bound traffic on Gardiner, where Hayden intersects it,
approximately 50 yards north of the pool.

If you are interested in helping with this effort to improve pedestrian safety along
this corridor, especially for GRC members who walk to/from the pool during the summer
months, please contact Susan at

2004 Swim Team Schedule

The Glenwood Tigers Swim Team will open its 47th season in the Montgomery
County Swim League by hosting Waters Landing on June 16. For more information,


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of the newsletter, as a way of ‘giving back’ to the GRC community. Do you allow

A. Great idea…. YES! Your company can sponsor the next issue of The Glenwood
Gazette, and include a one-page ‘ad’ (subject to format and file-size limitations) at the
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  • Swim and Dive Season Updates