Glenwood Gazette – Volume I, Issue 6

The Glenwood Gazette

Volume I, Issue 6

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SPECIAL ISSUE: Arbor Day at the Big G!

“Grounds Guy” and GRC Board Member Tim Durkin WANTS YOU for the first
ever (and possibly only) ‘Arbor Day in December at the Big G’!

WHEN: Saturday, December 6 – 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (or whenever you can lend a hand during that time)

WHERE: Glenwood Recreation Club

WHAT: Tree Pruning and Site Clearance

WHO: All able-bodied and energetic GRC members who are high-school age or older.


  • Work will focus on the west side, the north side, and the area adjacent the
    drive as it goes from the main lot to the lower lot by the bath house.
  • Need three work crews of three people, armed with two saws for each
    team for the cutting and clearing.
  • Need a five-person crew for rock gathering/clearing and weed management.
  • Please bring if you have: chain saws, handsaws, clippers, tree spurs and/or
    a climbing belt, a pick-up truck.
  • Clothing should include: work boots, work gloves and rugged clothing.

This is an excellent way for high school students to accumulate
volunteer/community service hours, and for all interested members to get an ‘up-
close’ view of the pool in mid-renovation. The work accomplished on ‘Arbor
Day at Big G’ will save significant amount of money on the overall renovation

Please indicate the hours you can stop by and/or the equipment you can bring
to Tim Durkin directly at tdurkin@NEBFINVEST.ORG.

Renovation Update from the President

Over the past few weeks, the old pool has been demolished and removed, and the
new pool is now fully excavated and formed. We are presently completing the pool’s
underground plumbing system, after which we’ll move forward with pouring, coping and
tiling the new pool, pouring the concrete decks around the pool and, finally, pool-side
lawn installation and landscaping during the spring months.

I can continue to report that we are right on target to finish all phases of the
renovation well in advance on the 2004 season. You can catch the latest photos of
construction at, and

Stop by the pool and check it out. It’s pretty amazing to see the pool in this
condition. If you have questions on the renovation’s scope and progress in the next
several months, please contact me at

~Bruce Lupin, Board President

Next Issue

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  • 2004 Membership Campaign Update
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  • Swim and Dive Season Updates