Glenwood Gazette – Volume II, Issue 1

The Glenwood Gazette

Volume II, Issue 1

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February 3, 2004


  • Annual Meeting Save the Date Information
  • Renovation Update from the President
  • Swim Team Coaching Staff Renewed for 2004
  • Dive Team: Help Wanted
  • A Belated, But Perfect New Year’s Resolution: Winter Swimming!

Annual Meeting Scheduled for March 10

Circle Wednesday, March 10 as the date for the Glenwood Recreation Club, Inc.
Annual Meeting. The event will take place at Woodlin Elementary School (2101
Luzerne Avenue, Silver Spring), at 7:30 PM. Agenda items include:

  • Renovation Update
  • Financial Report and FY2004 Budget Presentation
  • Election of Officers

All attending are eligible for a raffle for a FREE membership for the 2004 season.

Renovation Update from the President

Over the past several weeks, the excavation has been completed and the floor of
the new pool has been poured. Once we get through the current “Arctic Freeze”, the sides
will be poured (actually sprayed), and we’ll be able to move forward with the coping
and tiling phases of the project.

The final components of construction will include electrical and plumbing work
and the pouring of the concrete decks around the pool. The last step will be final pool-
side lawn installation and landscaping.

I can continue to report that we are right on target to finish all phases of the
renovation in advance on the 2004 season. You can view a full pictorial chronology of
the entire project since early last fall at

Stop by the pool the next time you have a minute. Then, close your eyes and
begin imagining all the fun we’ll have starting in just a few months. If you have
questions on the renovation’s scope and progress in the coming months, please contact
me at

~Bruce Lupin, Board President

Swim Team Update

Glenwood swim team families will be excited to know that Head Coach Mark
Schopmeyer will return to coach the Tigers in 2004 and be joined once again by Assistant
Coaches Christine Iannicelli and Sarah “Sal” Lincoln. The Big G swimmers open their
47th season in the Montgomery County Swim League by hosting Waters Landing on
June 16. For more information, visit:

Dive Team Update: Help Wanted

As Glenwood moves forward to complete renovations and open a new pool with a
legal dive well and two legal dive boards, the Dive Team is looking to kick it up a notch.
We’ve always had the highest team spirit in the MCDL, and are now seeking a veteran
Dive Coach to build upon the traditions of spirit and dedication that have developed over
the years. Our goal is for our divers to have the highest and best dives in the league.

We are searching for an experienced Dive Coach, or a former College level Diver,
to work with the team and our current diver-coaches. If you are interested, or know
someone who may be interested, please contact Ed Finn (301-589-9023 or or Steve Schrier (301 565-3622).

About Winter Swimming

Please click on the link below (or paste it into your web browser) to visit an
overview written by Glenwood Board Secretary Sandy Kweder on winter swimming

Next Issue

  • Annual Meeting Reminder
  • 2004 Membership Campaign Update
  • 2004 GRC Social Event Schedule and Volunteer Sign-Up