JUGS Night at Glenwood

Just Us GirlS

This Tuesday, June 24 is the first Glenwood Ladies Nights.

Several of you eager women have asked me what is on the agenda. uh oh. Agenda? Ok — we’ll try out hairstyles, give manis, laugh at other people’s Instagram posts, have silly squabbles, test face masks. Maybe an arts and crafts station?

Or … we’ll try out cocktails, give each other advice, laugh at each others’ crazy stories, agree to disagree, test out new foods. I really like do the idea of an arts and crafts station. Someone cover that, please. I just tried out my fabulous new bacon bowl, so there’s *that* to talk about.

Starting time is 7:30 pm or whenever you get there; closing time is whenever Mia, the gracious Manager they evening, can no longer put up with us.

Bring something to share, whether it’s food, beverage, nail polish, or opinion.

We despise glass ceilings, and so please, NO GLASS.

– Kathleen Enright