Men’s Night

Do you have no Barr bodies in your cell nuclei? Does your supraorbital ridge tend to jut? Is your laryngeal prominence pronounced? Are you on your way to androgenic alopecia?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these, you might be a man.

Just to make sure: does your body make awkward noises at inappropriate times? Are you easily distracted by sports involving some kind of ball? Are you in trouble with your spouse?

Then you’re probably a man.

Do you think you look like this: When you really look like this:

Hate to break it you, but you’re definitely a man. So live it up! Embrace it!

Come to Man Night at the pool this Thursday from 7 to 11. Bring food and drink to share (or, since you’re alpha, to wolf down alone in a corner, growling at all who come near).

Games, fun, male bonding. What could be better?

For more information, talk to that most manly of men, Joe Berkowitz (