Please consider joining [signaturecount id=”1″] of your fellow Glenwood members in signing this petition to our county executives to spur them to action saving our stream.  This will protect our pool from damage.  Here’s the text that will go out in your name, and on behalf of the pool:

I demand that Montgomery County study and correct the dangerous storm water runoff erosion on Glenwood Recreation Club’s property line. The total lack of storm water management in the surrounding neighborhood has caused dramatic erosion of the mall unnamed stream (“LRBM-146”) and created a dangerously deep canyon that is encroaching on our parking lot and pump house.

The very operation of our beloved pool is threatened.

We continue to work hard toward slowing the pace of erosion and decreasing runoff from our property, but we cannot solve this problem ourselves. The County must develop and implement a runoff plan for the surrounding streets that flood the stream and must reconstruct the fragile and perilous streambed cliffs that threaten our pool.

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(If you’ve already signed the “analog” petition at the pool, thanks! You do not need to complete the online version)

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