This Week at Glenwood – August 1

Hi Glenwood!

Welcome to the dog days of summer, folks — and to our August-only members! We hope you enjoy your time at Glenwood, which is decidedly quieter than the last two months have been. Here’s what’s coming up this week at Glenwood:

The Short Version (it’s really short)

Friday, August 5, 5-8 pm: Welcome Dessert Social for All 2016 New Members. Pleasant Pops food truck will be at the Big G, with the pool treating all new members (including August-onlys) to a free popsicle. Board members will be mingling on the back deck to say hello and welcome.
Sunday, August 7, 6:30 pm: Pool Board meeting, back deck. Email me in advance with any items for new business on the agenda, please; observers welcome.
Fridays & Saturdays thru Labor Day weekend: Pool is open until 9:45 pm.

The Long Version (old news and new news)

New Members’ Dessert Social. Thanks to member volunteers Sandy Chen and Deborah Davies for organizing our new member event this week. Cool off with some gourmet popsicles and mingle with friends and neighbors… event is on, rain or shine.

Crab Feast Report. A big round of thanks and applause to Crab Feast Czarina Erin Lane for organizing another hugely successful crustacean celebration this past weekend! Yeah, it was wet, but it’s a pool party after all, and it’s always a good time at Crab Feast — rain or shine. Erin extends her thanks to fellow volunteers Megan Carnell and Istvan Pajor, and especially manager Sean Hennigan and our super non-crabby staff on duty for the night. Several folks have asked about the food vendors, who were El Pollo Rico in Wheaton (chicken) and Captain White’s Seafood at the DC Maine Avenue Market (crab & shrimp). Tell ’em you loved their food at Glenwood!

Swim & Dive Team Reports
The swimming Tigers finished the season at 1-4 in Division C, but being on the team is always a win. Our coaches and team reps are outstanding, our parents always step up, our concessions are without equal, and our team is admired throughout the league for our spirit, sportsmanship and fun. Thanks also to retiring team rep Jack Niemczuk for his years of service to the team — see you on the former reps’ bench next year!
Our diving Tigers finished 3rd in MCDL’s highest division with a record of 3-2. Many thanks to our coaches & our team reps Ramona Schreiber and Tracy Wagner for their great efforts this season. The team was thrilled to welcome all kinds of new young talent this year and can’t wait to get back on the boards in 2017!

Board Report. Several of you asked about installing more power outlets around the grounds, and we’ve put that on the off-season to-do list because of the need to ensure compliance with safety codes, and to minimize disruption the installation might engender for what’s left of the season. But know that we hear you on this and are looking to accommodate!

Note that we’re staying open later on Friday and Saturday evenings through the rest of the month. Staff availability will dictate our post-Labor Day operating schedule, so stay tuned for announcements on that.

We’re also hoping to host one more movie night this summer, likely the last weekend in August (right before MCPS starts up again). Details to come…

And finally, thanks to those of you who have retrieved your stuff from Lost and Found. There are still plenty of unclaimed items, however, and we’ll be clearing it all out soon. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know ahead of time — but do come get your stuff before it goes away.

That’s all for now — no update the week of August 13-20, as your scribe will be away and unplugged.

See you at the pool!