Who’s awesome? Our volunteers!

You're awesome

Special thanks to all the people who came out to help with Clean Up Day.  You are truly awesome.  Thank you.

You know who you are, but:

Abbie Mulvihill Ciara Mulvihill
Joel Iams Ella Iams Howard Iams
Cindy Zenick Lea Ford Celia Ford
Joe Berkowitz Deb Berkowitz Phil Berkowitz
Julie Lee Jacob Lee Ramona Schreiber
Sarah Butchko Brock Butchko Judith Graff
Brian Forst Roland Schrebler Leo Schwartz
James Rippetoe Jacki Rippetoe Tim McCaffrey
Lauren McCaffrey Mike Simpson Ben Simpson
Karen Clark Tess Mayfield Christian Abnet
Rebecca Holden Soren Abnet-Holden Rand Ruggieri
Gary Sims Dave Kreischer Rowan Kreischer
Terry Causby Bobby Petrizzo Mikey Petrizzo
Chris Ginter Abby Ginter Leslie Flynn
Katie Flynn Len Rickman Nate Rickman
Kay Halpern Jim Gray Kathryn Toffenetti
John Kennedy MeiLee Dozier Grace Dozier
Jack Niemczuk Dara Schrier Steve Schrier
Tim Hermans Izzy Hermans Zora Hermans

If we missed your name, you’re still loved. Thanks.