Winter Letter 2015

Dear Glenwood Members

It is time to start getting ready for spring and summer. Over the past few months the pool has been empty and all of our furniture is stacked and stored, but the Board has been busy preparing for the upcoming season.

We will tell you all about it at our Annual Membership Meeting – mark your calendar for:

Thursday, March 12, 2015
7:30 PM
Knights of Columbus Hall on Rosensteel Avenue

Below are some advance updates for your review prior to the meeting:


Our management team is still being developed, but we hope to have a few familiar faces running the show this summer. Also, while we aren’t sure of the numbers yet, we do
expect to have many returning lifeguards.

Now is the time for prospective new guards to become certified. Many classes are offered through the Montgomery County Recreation Department. We always have lots of young pool members interested in joining the staff and we do our best to accommodate them, but please note that we simply can’t hire everyone. Anyone interested in guarding — even if returning from 2014 — should send an email to Board Member Dave Kreischer (


Jeremy and Kelly Butler will be back to lead our swim team coaching staff this summer,
and assistant and pre-team coaches will be announced by April. The Swim Team Reps this year will be Jack Niemczuk, Roland Schrebler, Beth Saindon and Zac Morford.

Along with Treasurer Lisa Gray, they look forward to mobilizing our awesome parents in
support of the MCSL’s most enjoyable summer program. The first draft of the 2015 Swim Team calendar has been posted on the Swim Team website, with updates to follow. On-line registration for returning swimmers (only) will begin in mid-May.  ALL first-time swim team and prospective pre-team swimmers MUST be screened in person after the pool opens. The practice schedule for this year will remain the same as last year’s (also on the team website).

New Dive Team Reps Ramona Schreiber and Tracy Wagner are pleased to report the return of Head Coach Noah Ehrenberg and are in communication with last year’s assistant coaches. The Dive Team will also open on-line registration in May. You can find news for Dive team at its website HERE.


To view the current budget report, please click HERE or visit the Glenwood home-page. The report includes final numbers for 2014 and the proposed 2015 operating budget. Please review this report in advance of the meeting.

Some highlights:

  • We continue to control expenditures well and manage major capital improvements that will keep up the quality of our facility and grounds. Last year’s major improvements included landscaping improvements to our property entrance, new caulking for the coping stone border surrounding the main pool, repairs to our stairs at the back of the property, several new tables and brick platforms around each foot shower.
  • Rebuilding our capital reserve has been a priority in recent years, and now that we are into our 11 th year since the last major renovation, we want to be sure
    our long-term financial health is sound to maintain Glenwood for future generations. Our capital reserve has grown to $163,450.
  • Our current loan balance with Sandy Spring Bank is $658,974 (original amount in 2004 was $1,000,000). At present pace, we expect the loan to be paid off in
    the summer of 2027.
  • Projected capital improvements for the 2015 season include clearing of the north section of property (above and to the right as you enter the grounds),
    refurbishment of chain-link fence and security wiring, a new back-up main pump, and re-leveling of concrete slaps in key areas. In addition, we will actively study feedback from the 2015 Membership Survey related the Grounds, Facilities and Recreation improvements.
  • 2015 Member Dues invoices will be mailed by the end of March. NOTE: In 2016, we will begin electronic invoicing; details to follow.
  • In order to avoid major member assessments periodically, we will continue our practice of a small increase in member dues to keep up with the steadily rising cost of doing business. Accordingly, the 2015 budget reflects a 3% increase in membership dues over 2014.


Family Unit Individual Family of 2 Family of 3 Family of 4 Family of 5+
2014 dues $355 $489 $607 $685 $736
2015 dues $366 $504 $625 $706 $758*

*An additional $25 is charged for each additional family member over 5.


The Club’s Board of Directors includes 11 directors elected for two-year teams. The Membership Director and one representative each from the Swim Team and Dive Team serve as non-voting members of the Board. Elections for five (even years) or six (odd years) open seats are held at the Annual Meeting.

In 2015, there are six board seats up for election. We want to take this opportunity to salute Board member Sandy Kweder, who is concluding her decades of service as she
begins a new professional assignment in London. Glenwood (and her plants) won’t be the same without you, Sandy!

Below is the tentative slate of six Directors for election or re-election (as noted) for a two-year term concluding in 2017:

Class of 2015 (up for election for a two-year term through March, 2017)
Joe Carnell*
Leslie Flynn*
Chris Ginter (Vice President)*
Tim Hermans*
Dave Kreischer*
Karen Clark
*current board member

A note about candidate Karen Clark. Her name has been synonymous with the Glenwood Tigers Swim Team, for which she served as a Parent Team Rep from 2009 – 2014, taking it to new heights both in and out of the water, to its present place in Division D as one of the largest teams in the 90-team Montgomery County Swim League. Now that she will have her summers back as a retired Team Rep, Karen has expressed interest in rejoining the board.

Additionally, we present below the five Directors who continue serving their terms through 2016, as well as three appointed non-voting Board positions.

Class of 2016 (continue to serve through March, 2016)
Dave Coyne (Secretary)
Roland Schrebler
Steve Schrier
Brian Slattery (President)
Denise Weston (Treasurer)

Other Representatives (non-voting/ex-officio)
Dive Team Representative – Ramona Schreiber
Swim Team Representative – Roland Schrebler
Membership Director – Kathleen Enright

While nominations may be made from the floor during the Annual Meeting, if you would like to be nominated for the Board, we ask that you express your interest no later than
March 1 to Board President Brian Slattery ( If additional candidates surface by March 1, we will prepare a ballot for the Annual Meeting accordingly.


It takes hundreds of members to keep Glenwood healthy and strong, and there is no better example of team work than our annual Spring Clean-Up. Last year, we set a “modern
era” record, as more than 60 Glenwood members gave up a few hours on a Saturday to get our grounds and facilities prepped for Opening Day (this year on May 23).

YOU ARE GLENWOOD AND GLENWOOD NEEDS YOU! Please mark your calendar for May 2 & 3 (rain date May 9 & 10) and come to the Annual Meeting prepared to sign-up for one of the many important Clean-Up Day projects. If you can’t make the meeting, we’ll coordinate your involvement through an on-line Sign-Up Genius page coordinated by Board member Steve Schrier.

I hope to see you on March 12 as we conduct our business and prepare for another great summer at the Big G in 2015.  Please bring your copy of the proposed budget (also posted on the website). The Board and I will have more details about all of the items above, summer planning and, of course, will hold our annual raffle for FREE dues for
2015. In case of inclement weather, check for information about re-scheduling.

Brian Slattery