The Bylaws of the Glenwood Recreation Club, Inc. establish a system of governance by a board comprised of eleven elected pool members, the Board of Directors.

Among these eleven are three elected officials (President of the Board, Vice-President and Treasurer), as well as an appointed Secretary.

Open elections to the Board are held at the annual member meeting, usually held in March or April. Board members serve staggered two year terms, after which they may run for re-election. There are no term limits. If a Board member steps down during a term, the President may request a member to serve in the vacancy until annual elections are held.

Interested in serving on the Board? Please contact the Board President or Vice-President (or any Board member) for more information. You can also email us at

Who are the Directors?

  • Brian Slattery, President (term expires 2024)
  • Chris Ginter, Vice President (term expires 2025)
  • Dave Coyne, Secretary (term expires in 2024)
  • Brian Bhandari, Treasurer (term expires in 2024)
  • Sandie Chen (term expires 2025)
  • Robin Koralek (term expires 2025)
  • Michele Rovins (term expires in 2025)
  • Joe Carnell (term expires in 2025)
  • Leo Schwartz (term expires in 2024)
  • Ted Martin (term expires in 2024)
  • Laura Simpson (term expires in 2025)

Kathleen Enright serves as the board’s Membership Director in a non-voting capacity.

In addition, the Swim and Dive teams designate a non-voting representative to keep the board informed of their respective activities.

The Swim Team designee is Cara Hur and Dive Team is represented by Ramona Schreiber.

What does the Board do?

The Board oversees all aspects of Glenwood’s operations and care. A partial list of its responsibilities includes:

  • maintaining an accurate list and accounting of members
  • enrolling new members
  • hiring staff
  • pool and facility upkeep and repairs
  • establishing policies related to the pool
  • interface with Montgomery County government
  • maintaining appropriate licenses, certifications and insurance
  • sound financial management
  • and, most importantly, serving the Glenwood community

We are always open to hearing your feedback about what you like or wish to see changed, and we especially are interested in ideas you have for new activities.

Of course, it goes without saying that we are constantly seeking volunteers to help with projects, try to new things and just be part of the roll-up-your-sleeves aspect of Glenwood.

No time during the summer? No problem. The Board meets all year long! If you are interested in becoming more involved, please contact us. Even if you just have an idea or a suggestion, get in touch. Find one of us at the pool – or track us down at home. Email us if you don’t like phones!

Here are a few things the Board has taken on or accomplished, in addition to just running the pool, over the past few years:

  • Renovation of the entire Glenwood facility
  • New landscaping and plantings
  • New system for snack bar operation
  • Rebuilt a financial base for operations and saving
  • Revitalized the social calendar (New member parties, Ladies Night, etc.)