Glenwood members may reserve space at the pool for private events, such as birthday parties and family gatherings. Our covered pavilion, expansive lawn space, and built-in recreation offer a great environment for an easy social event that is lots of fun for folks of all ages. We have plenty of tables of chairs, areas that can be sectioned off for your group, gas grills, and plenty of parking.

Please contact the Pool Manager ( at least one week in advance for any party that will require the exclusive use of multiple tables. We will do our best to accommodate your request to use our facilities for your event, and we are usually able to do so. We are not able to approve parties that take over full use of the facilities. Also, at times when the facilities are heavily utilized (Fourth of July/Labor Day weekend and during dive meets, for example), we cannot schedule parties. The location of your party will be at the discretion of the manager. Please note that the covered pavilion may not be used solely for a party at any time.

If you are interested in holding a function at the pool, reserve the date and time with the pool manager. Usual charges are the cost of a guest pass for each attendee. Please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Non-members may not hold events at the pool.
  • Members must pay the guest-pass fee for all non-members they invite to the pool.
  • Keep your party to a reasonable size and note that parties are considered a gathering of more than six individuals and may not exceed 30 individuals. Parties should not in any way interfere with other members who wish to enjoy the pool.
  • Weekdays and weekday evenings are especially good times for children’s parties, as the pool tends to be less crowded.
  • Members may not rent the entire pool and facility for a private function.
  • The manager may deny a request for a private function based on the existence of other reservations for private functions on the same date or time; expected pool crowding; staff shortages; or the type or nature of the party.
  • No glass containers are allowed at the pool.