Early Pool Closure & Parking Lot Pleas, Please

School’s out and you wanna get to the pool. We get that. But heed our pleas and please, take your time and observe our parking lot etiquette:

* Drive slowly and be watchful of little people in the parking lot.

* Pay attention to other cars pulling in and backing out– one member has already had someone run into their vehicle and had to replace a bumper.

* Do NOT drive into the lower front lot to drop off or pick up your kids — meet/drop them at the Tiger Rock sign at the end of the main lot.

* Please park in marked spots in the main lot only. Don’t park on the grass or in the lower lot — that’s for handicapped visitors, staff, board members and Food Trucks on Fridays.

* Be considerate of our, and your, neighbors if there’s not room in the main lot. Don’t block their driveways, speed on their streets, or run over their kids racing on bike or foot to get to the pool.

Relax, it’s summer! Let’s make it a safe one, please.

And lastly, a reminder that the pool will close today at 4:15 for a swim meet.