Get Your Crab Feast Tickets!

Purchase your tickets now for the 2014 Glenwood Crab Feast!

Saturday, July 26th starting at 6pm
Crab and Shrimp are $45
Chicken $30
Limited edition Crab Feast Tervis mugs are also available for $10 each (get yours before we run out!).

Order tickets online by going to and clicking on the Crab. All tickets for non-members must be purchased by a member.

Paid guests will receive their wrist band ‘ticket’ at the door the night of the event. Tickets must be purchased online by Friday, July 25th at 5pm. Tickets will not be available for sale at the door.

To ensure that Crab Feast 2014 is the best on record and that our evening achieves the dual goals of attendee enjoyment and attendee safety, we wanted to share with you some information in advance.

  • First, the Crabs will be HUGE this year and the shrimp will be plentiful… we promise.
  • There will a 50-50 Raffle, not to benefit the Pool’s operating budget, but to raise funds for a generous tip for the hard-working staff on duty. Please consider bringing “15%” (or more, in cash) for tickets. The guards will appreciate it and you could win big!
  • We will have professional facilitators for the Cornhole Tournament. Please sign-up when you check-in. The tournament winners will win free tickets for the 2015 Crab Feast!
  • The Band this year is Brent & Co. For an advance listen, click here
  • Lastly, there are no rules in Fight Club, and very few for the Glenwood Crab Feast. However, please take note:
    • Like every year, you must be 21 to attend Crab Feast. Fake IDs won’t cut it; we know your parents.
    • The diving boards will be closed for the evening for noise and safety reasons.
    • The guards on duty for the evening have been directed to address any dangerous activity, including diving/flips off the side of the pool. Please don’t make them give you or your guests a ‘time out.’
    • The No Glass policy will strictly enforced. Please don’t be ‘that guy’ and try to get around it because the manager will be checking bags at the door and you will be endlessly shamed. Think aluminum for beer and plastic jugs, cups, etc. for other libations. One broken glass in the wrong spot on the grounds could close the pool and would otherwise be a major buzz kill for every attendee.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Megan Carnell ( or Erin Lane (

We look forward to an evening of great food, fun, music and weather!