Glenwood Tiger Snack Bar News

The pool snack bar is stocked and ready for customers this Saturday, opening day! With sufficient staff, the snack bar opens during the adult swim break every hour. Want to help out?

You must be at least 11 years old to work and fill out the 2013_Glenwood_Pool_Snack_Bar_employee_honor_code.” Read it carefully and share with your parents — they must sign, too — and return it to the Hardiman or Butchko family swim team folders. There will be training sessions on Saturday 2-4, Sunday 4-5, during swim team screening on Tuesday 5-7, and during practice starting Wednesday. Be sure to check out the training session information on the snack bar door. All new workers must be trained before taking a shift; returning workers should speak with the snack bar managers to get updated information on this summer’s operations.

This is a great way to help the pool community, get some work experience and have fun. Questions? Contact managers Gina Hardiman at or Ramona Schreiber at