Great big SPLOOSH!

You may have heard a great big SPLOOSH sound last night near Glenwood as almost 200,000 gallons of water (that’s 1.7 million pounds) fell out of the sky and landed in the pool.

Here it is last night at 8pm (with Assistant Manager Seth presiding):

And here it is at 7am this morning:

Just kidding about the “falling from the sky” thing.  We borrowed 700 feet of firehose from a local fire station and filled it from a hydrant.  Normally we fill the pool using hoses from the normal water supply.  This takes between 9 and 12 DAYS.

This time, because we replaced the white coating on the inside of the pool, and because that needs to cure under water, we had to do it quickly. Just over 15 hours to be exact.

Yesterday morning the pool looked like this:

That was before 25 guys with a plaster hose and trowels went to work.

So the pool is full and almost ready for opening next week!

If you live near the pool and the water in your  morning shower was a little dribbly, we apologize.