Parking Lot Patrol

As many of you know, we own the path on the north side of our property that is a convenient pedestrian cut-through from Gardiner Avenue to Flora Singer Elementary School (FSES). In addition, with the chains off the main parking lot entrance, our parking lot is an attractive waiting area for parents waiting to pick up their FSES kids.

With the advent of pool season, it is incredibly hazardous for kids leaving the school — especially unsupervised little ones — and racing through our lot at exactly the time that members are arriving to use the pool and/or drop off their older kids.

Last year we initiated a parking lot patrol for the period between the pool opening and FSES closing.

We could use your help for 30-45 minutes on school days, 3:30-4:15, to:

  • prevent FSES pedestrians from using the path and lot when member cars are coming into the lot, and
  • help facilitate parking and drop-off by members arriving at the pool during the FSES dismissal time.

You’ll find instructions and sign-up opportunities at our SignUp Genius link here.

Please help us make our property safe for neighbors and members alike.

See you at the pool!