Update Your Pictures Pleeze!

With only four days left until the pool opens please make sure your fine features, and those of your family members, are up-to-date in your Members Area account.

The front desk staff is going to be more diligent this year about matching faces to pictures when you check in.  It is after all our principal method of identifying you as a member.

So log in now and upload your pictures.  If you don’t have a picture on file when you check in, the staff will ask you to pose for one then and there.  This will slow down your entrance into the pool, and let’s face it, might not portray you in your best light. 🙂

Pictures should be a full face portrait, no sunglasses.  Make sure the face fills the frame, so we can see you in all your glory.

Here are directions to upload pictures:

1. Log in to “members.glenwoodpool.net” using your email and password.  You should see your household information on the screen.

2. Click the green “Edit Household” button at the top right of your screen.

3. Scroll down to the family member for whom you want to upload a picture.

4. Right above their first name you should see a button labelled “Select New Image”.

5. If you click this, a file selection box should come up from which you can select the picture you want to use.  When you click “OK” it should upload and show up in the little box next to the button, which should now say “Change” (in case you want to try again).

6. Find and click the “Update” button at the top or bottom of the page. Your picture should now show up next to the family member, in the right size.

If you have trouble uploading a picture, you can wait and have it taken at the pool.  Or you can send it to “webmaster@glenwoodpool.org”.  Make sure you clearly identify the individual in the picture, and the household name the individual is a member of.

See you at the pool!